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Ask me anything   I am Jade a twenty year old stand up comic chasing the dream in North Shore Louisiana. I am a proud LGTBQ and women's rights activist. I am a writer for I collect maps and people. I love graffiti, poetry, live music, tattoos, performing arts, books and adventure. Follow me from the stage through the streets of New Orleans as I chase my dreams and try to leave my finger print on the world. DFTBA



Floral crowns on Etsy

I need the sage one! 

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Butt-ons collab with astropuke




Butt-ons collab with astropuke


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I took an old salvaged New Orleans window and refurbished it into a chalk/bulletin board! 1. Stripped the paint 2. Sanded it down 3. Spray painted the wood 4. Spray painted chalk board paint into the frames 5. Fitted and glued down cork board 6. Painted detail to decorate and Voila! Finished!

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Some photos taken around New Orleans from lately!

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Snowballs and a box of chalk are all you need sometimes. I love my city.

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sadandshallow asked: So funny story, i got hardcore expelled because i gave a girl aderral and she couldn't handle it (it was like 10mg) so she went to the nurse or whatever. So now i go to this secondary school where i get patted down and stuff. Its super fun or whatever. Anyways I just wanted to say that most of the time I'm suicidal or drunk but I'm neither of those things when i watch your show. Thanks for making me feel not so small. Also i think i want to marry Ilana. Or just hold her hand for like ever



I read this and I thought about what I was like in High School and what high school was like in general. It sounds like you’re in a rough spot, but I can also tell you are finding the funny and the bizarre in your situation, which is what you gotta do. I am happy our show can provide a bit of an escape, but more that that, I hope that you know that sometimes the best thing about high school is that it ends, and you get to reinvent yourself.  You will continue to get to and have to reinvent yourself over and over, so be patient but also know that time makes everything better.  In time, maybe you’ll be getting patted down everyday…in a good way :)

Ugh, terrible joke.  I’m really hit or miss. I took this photo of myself for you to show you exactly what I’m doing on a Saturday night.  I’m cool as fuck.

Why Abbi Jacobson is my hero.

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Music picks from Broad City season one


This is very dope.

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Photography by Chiun-Kai Shih / Interview by Molli Sullivan

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Heart Throb

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